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cmlh committed Dec 27, 2012
1 parent ea9afc2 commit 8315d72abd07910c2589551c8135f2bc8f743b00
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+I've attached two tar balls. One is of a development snapshot of Canari that includes foreign lang support, and the second is your rapleaf repo in Canari package format. To get it going is pretty straightforward:
+perl -MCPAN -eshell
+install Config::IniFiles
+tar -zxvf canari-0.4.tar.gz
+cd canari-0.4
+python install
+cd ..
+tar -zxvf rapleaf-poc-canari.tar.gz
+cd rapleaf/
+python install
+canari install-package rapleaf
+Et voila! Your transforms should now appear in Maltego and run with Canari dispatcher. I did do some minor changes to your code. First, I changed the config parser to Config::IniFiles to be compatible with Canari format. Second I changed the config file to match INI config option format (i.e. option=value). A few places you'd like to look at:
+Under rapleaf/src/rapleaf/:
+resources/external -> this is where all your perl scripts are
+resources/maltego -> this is where your entities file is and where you can place machine scripts
+transforms/ -> this is the transform registry
+transforms/ -> this is a sample transform with perl support. Note the 'cmd' keyword in the @configure annotation of the dotransform function
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