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A (mostly) working version of Tom Dale's Ember screencast

##Why only (mostly) working? I ran into issues when starting to use the Rails API on port 3000. I used python -m SimpleHTTPServer in the root of the project and received this error an Access-Control-Allow-Origin error in Chrome. As a result, there are 2 branches: master and fixtures. The master branch is all of the code of the tutorial while the fixtures branch does everything up to moving away from fixtures and using a server.

See Issue 1 for a fix for the Access-Control-Allow-Origin error when using rails as the backend.

##What was needed to get it working? The Ember Starter Kit does not include the latest version of Ember. I built Ember and Ember Data from source and included that instead of the version of Ember used in the Starter Kit. The downloads for Ember Data are also out of date, which is why I needed to build from source.

##Any ideas how to fix the Access-Control-Allow-Origin problem? Submit a pull request and we'll get it fixed.