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Written by Cruz Monrreal II
Created on 06-26-2012
Updates can be found here:
#ifndef Sphero_h
#define Sphero_h
#include <stdint.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
class Sphero{
// public methods
Sphero( SoftwareSerial &serial );
// Set
//void boost(uint16_t heading, uint8_t duration);
void roll( short heading, char speed );
//void stop();
void setRGBColor( char red, char green, char blue );
void getRGBColor( void );
void setBackLED( char intensity);
//void setRotationRate(uint8_t rate);
void rotateHeadingBy( short heading );
//void setMotionTimeout();
//void setRawMotorValues(uint8_t l_mode, uint8_t r_mode, uint8_t l_pwr, uint8_t r_pwr); // Special note. See Datasheet.
// Get
//void getHeading(uint16_t* data);
String readRawResponse( void );
String readResponseData( void );
void sendSynchronousPacket( char DID, char CID, char SEQ, char DLEN, ... );
void readResponsePacket( void );
SoftwareSerial *bluetooth;
String response;
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