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INSTRUCTIONS for svg2poly

svg2poly was made to handle Plain SVG files from Inkscape. It can currently only handle paths.


  • In Inkscape 0.47 or newer, Preferences > SVG output > Path data, tick "Allow relative coordinates"
  • Type out the text that you want. Format it and such.
  • Lock the height/width ratio
  • Change height to 100 (this helps with changing the ratio)
  • Ctrl-Shift-C (Object to Path)
  • Select all (w/ Node Cursor)
  • Extensions > Modify Path > Add Nodes (Default settings are alright)
  • Extensions > Modify Path > Flatten Beziers (Default settings are alright)
  • For the closed loop letters O,o,D,d,etc...
  • Draw a rectangle dividing the letter ( O => ([)] )
  • Select the rectangle and the letter
  • Ctrl-/ (Division)
  • Repeat with all closed letters
  • Select all (w/ Node Cursor)
  • Ctrl-Shift-K (Break Apart)
  • Save As > Plain SVG


  • Open your .BRD file
  • Type mark
  • With your mouse, select where you want the center of the svg to appear
  • Enter command and browse to svg file


Written by Cruz Monrreal II

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