PL/SQL Interface for Nexmo SMS and Multifactor Authentication (two factor authentication)
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PL/SQL Interface for Nexmo SMS / 2FA

This includes a PL/SQL package (specifications & body) for a series of tools related to We have also included a functioning, but simple Oracle APEX application. The APEX application is written in APEX 5.1 and will not likely be compatible with APEX 5.0.

Associated blog entry

Blog Entry about 2FA


The use of this tool does require the following:

  1. You MUST have an account with You can get a demo account for free.
  2. You MUST put your own Oracle Wallet Path and Wallet password into the packages and compile them (G_WALLET_PATH and G_WALLET_PWD)
  3. You MUST manually install the Root and Intermediate SSL certs for in your wallet
  • ROOT: Digicert Global Root CA, v3, valid through 09NOV2031
  • Intermediate: Digicert SHA2 Secure Server CA, valid thorugh 08MAR2013
  1. If you are on Oracle 12c, DO NOT install the SSL cert for *
  2. You'll need to create the table that is in the package body. It is in the commented out section.
  3. You'll need to put in your own G_KEY and G_SECRET at the top of the package body.

PL/SQL Package

The features within the package are:

  • Send SMS text message from PL/SQL
  • Do a two-factor authentication
  • Check the balance of your account

Oracle APEX 5.1 Application

There is a simple 3 page application included in the files. This application is not likely backwards compatible with earlier APEX versions.

The authentication method in the application defaults to your workspace user/password.


Nexmo was picked almost at random. The first company I wrote an interface for disappeared, so I need to replace them. I searched for an SMS service with a friendly and well documented RESTful API. After a few quick interactions, I discovered prompt and professional support, and their documentation was pretty darn good. So I settled there.


I learned on 04FEB2017, that Nexmo is part of the Vonage family of products as the result of a recent purchase.


I have put this here for my brothers and sisters in the Oracle PL/SQL community. We can collaborate and share. If you have issues with Nexmo, ping them, please. You'll have a paid account with them and they are experts on their stuff.

On the otherhand, my stuff is posted here for free. If you find errors or make improvements, collaborate with me and make this better.


This was released in early February 2016. I will endeavour to maintain this.