WordPress Theme, inspired by electric cars design.
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Electric Theme

This is the Electric Theme for WordPress, by Carlos Morales ( http://cmorales.es ). The theme is inspired by electric cars design: round and soft, white, blue, green... and based upon the _underscore theme by Automatic

This theme includes an options panel, so you can set everything to your taste and remove stuff you don't need/want. All the theme was created that way, that's why some funcionality comes separated as a plugin.

The plugins are in wp-content/plugins and the theme itself is in wp-content/theme ... nothing too complicated, right?

The CSS was created with SASS, so you can customize it like a CSS-guru if you want. All those files are in the SASS directory within the theme. Otherwise, you can just edit the style.css file as you'd regularly do.

You are free to use the theme for any use. You can remove the footer link if you want, though it would be nice if you kept it :)