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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
toolset working with cboe data
@author: Jev Kuznetsov
Licence: BSD
import datetime
from datetime import datetime, date
import urllib2
from pandas import DataFrame, Index, DateRange
from pandas.core import datetools
import numpy as np
def monthCode(month):
perform month->code and back conversion
Input: either month nr (int) or month code (str)
Returns: code or month nr
codes = ('F','G','H','J','K','M','N','Q','U','V','X','Z')
if isinstance(month,int):
return codes[month-1]
elif isinstance(month,str):
return codes.index(month)+1
raise ValueError('Function accepts int or str')
def vixExpiration(year,month):
expriration date of a VX future
t = datetime(year,month,1)+datetools.relativedelta(months=1)
offset = datetools.Week(weekday=4)
if t.weekday()<>4:
t_new = t+3*offset
t_new = t+2*offset
t_exp = t_new-datetools.relativedelta(days=30)
return t_exp
def getPutCallRatio():
""" download current Put/Call ratio"""
urlStr = ''
lines = urllib2.urlopen(urlStr).readlines()
except Exception, e:
s = "Failed to download:\n{0}".format(e);
print s
headerLine = 2
header = lines[headerLine].strip().split(',')
data = [[] for i in range(len(header))]
for line in lines[(headerLine+1):]:
fields = line.rstrip().split(',')
for i,field in enumerate(fields[1:]):
return DataFrame(dict(zip(header[1:],data[1:])), index = Index(data[0]))
def getHistoricData(symbol):
''' get historic data from CBOE
symbol: VIX or VXV
return dataframe
print 'Downloading %s' % symbol
urls = {'VIX':'', \
'VXV':'' }
startLine = {'VIX':2,'VXV':3}
urlStr = urls[symbol]
lines = urllib2.urlopen(urlStr).readlines()
except Exception, e:
s = "Failed to download:\n{0}".format(e);
print s
header = ['open','high','low','close']
dates = []
data = [[] for i in range(len(header))]
for line in lines[startLine[symbol]:]:
fields = line.rstrip().split(',')
dates.append(datetime.strptime( fields[0],'%m/%d/%Y'))
for i,field in enumerate(fields[1:]):
except ValueError as e:
print 'Catched error:' , e
print 'Line:', line
return DataFrame(dict(zip(header,data)),index=Index(dates)).sort()
class VixFuture(object):
Class for easy handling of futures data.
def __init__(self,year,month):
self.year = year
self.month = month
def expirationDate(self):
return vixExpiration(self.year,self.month)
def daysLeft(self,date):
""" business days to expiration date """
r = DateRange(date,self.expirationDate())
return len(r)
def __repr__(self):
return 'VX future [%i-%i %s] Exprires: %s' % (self.year,self.month,monthCode(self.month),
#-------------------test functions---------------------------------------
def testDownload():
vix = getHistoricData('VIX')
vxv = getHistoricData('VXV')
def testExpiration():
for month in xrange(1,13):
d = vixExpiration(2011,month)
print d.strftime("%B, %d %Y (%A)")
if __name__ == '__main__':
v = VixFuture(2011,11)
print v
print v.daysLeft(datetime(2011,11,10))