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2 Hello! I'm a fan of open development, and I am doing all this for fun, so no need to wait for me if you want to try it out, as long as you remember the following:
4 [*] I commit changes to this master only from a working install, so it should install fine on any given day, at any given time.
6 [*] HOWEVER, you are working with a non-released version, where some content has not been fully tested in-game.
8 [*] SO, for your own protection, make sure you edit the .tp2 as indicated below, especially with a date, so if you have an issue I can check it against the daily fixes and perhaps even come up with a fix for you.
10 [*] By the way, this mod has things in it in the female PC romance that may be... adult. They may be laughably funny, or just stupid, or perhaps just horrible fanfic sex, or you might even like some of it, but regardless, please use discretion when reporting stuff at G3. Some of our members might not appreciate details. PM me.
14 /* IF YOU ARE DOWNOADING FROM GITHUB, you need to do the following:
16 * 1. check to make sure everything is there,
18 * 2. edit the VERSION line found right below this message with your username and the date, so you have a way of knowing what "version" you have
20 * 3. copy another mod's setup-mymod.exe and rename it setup-aranw.exe
22 * 4. run that, and enjoy the mod. If you run into problems, find me at G3 or start an issue ticket on GitHub!
24 */
28 Real readme code follows:
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32 <html xmlns="" lang="en" xml:lang="en">
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33 <head>
34 <title>
35 Aran Whitehand </title>
36 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"/>
37 <meta name="description" content="NPC Mod for BG2"/>
38 <meta name="keywords" content="Baldur's Gate 2,Baldurs Gate 2,Shadows of Amn,Throne of Bhaal,BG2,ToB,SoA,Mod"/>
39 <meta name="author" content="cmorgan"/>
40 <link rel="stylesheet" href="../docs/style/g3readme.css" type="text/css"/>
41 <link href="../docs/style/g3icon.ico" rel="icon" type="image/bmp"/>
42 </head>
43 <body>
44 <h1>
45 Aran Whitehand
46 </h1>
47 <div class="section">
48 <strong><a href="">A Gibberlings Three Mod</a></strong>
49 <br/>
50 <strong>Author:
51 <br/>
52 <a href="">cmorgan</a></strong> </p>
53 <p>
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54 <strong>On the web: <a href="">Home page</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">discussion forum</a></strong>
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55 <br/>
56 <br/>
57 </p>
58 <p>
59 <strong>Version pre-alpha - <a href="">Check for the most recent version</a></strong>
60 <br/>
61 <strong>Languages:</strong> English
62 <br/>
63 <strong>Platforms:</strong> Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
64 <br/>
65 </p>
66 </div>
67 <h2>
68 Contents
69 </h2>
70 <div class="section">
71 <strong>
72 <a href="#notes">Notes</a>
73 <br/>
74 <a href="#overview">Overview</a>
75 <br/>
76 <a href="#compat">Compatibility</a>
77 <br/>
78 <a href="#install">Installation</a>
79 <br/>
80 <a href="#compon">Components</a>
81 <br/>
82 <a href="#modder">Modder Notes</a>
83 <br/>
84 <a href="#thanks">Thanks and Acknowledgments</a>
85 <br/>
86 <a href="#contact">Contact and Copyright Information</a>
87 <br/>
88 <a href="#history">Version History</a>
89 </strong>
90 </div>
91 <h2>
92 <a name="notes" id="notes">Notes</a>
93 </h2>
94 <div class="section">
95 <p>
96 <img src="../media/portraits/nix_defaultm.bmp" alt="nix_defaultm.bmp" style="float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;"/>This is an Alpha release. To be clear, an "alpha release' in this context means "There Will Be Bugs(tm)". I hope for few, but it is likely you will run into something odd!
97 <br/>
98 <br/>
99 <b>The Mod Concept</b>
100 <br/>
101 NPCs work in many different ways, based primarily on the original BioWare model. What happens, though, if we try a more 'self aware' NPC, allowing player choice for some of the fundamentals? Is an NPC's character his class and stats, or is it really a personality? Can an NPC still be true to himself, even when a player chooses to turn them into a new class combination? This mod explores the idea that jobs may come and go, and in the heart of an accountant may lie a lion, even if the body doesn't quite show it off. The NPC should be able to adapt to being a new class or kit combination, while retaining his core personality. As a side project, the intent is to post code in the forum to eventually tie to tutorials and provide insight into the decisionmaking process when turning an idea into functional code.
102 <br/>
103 Aran Whitehand is functionally a Companion mod. He has minor optional quests with a new area, but comes with no special weapons or upgradeable items - his specialty is in interacting with the members of the party and adapting to situations. For him, the job is paramount, and his job is supporting the player. He is no stranger to having to carry out orders which bend morality, though he hates doing so. It should be noted that this mod is designed by adults for adults, and should not be installed unless you are comfortable with Faerunian swearing, occasional adult themes, and NC - 17 to R rated content in the Romance portion.
104 </p>
105 </div>
106 <h2>
107 <a name="overview" id="overview">Overview</a>
108 </h2>
109 <div class="section">
110 <p>
111 <b>The Companion NPC </b>
112 <br/>
113 <b>Aran Whitehand </b>is a human fighter and scribe for BG2, dual classable, so that he can be Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy... whatever your party needs. Basically, a human utility player taken along for the friendship/cuddling. "Specials" include creation of scrolls through dialog and timer when in a party with another canonical mage. Primarily a male friend who can grow into an extended courtship/romance, romanceable by female PCs, Aran has his own sense of humor and specializes in bringing others into the conversation.
114 </p>
115 </div>
116 <h2>
117 Statistics
118 </h2>
119 <div class="section">
120 <p>
121 <img src="../media/sword.png" alt="sword.png" style="float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;"/>
122 "Warrior" configuration [player options on install, fighter]
123 <br/>
124 <br/>17 Strength
125 <br/>
126 16 Dexterity
127 <br/>
128 15 Constitution
129 <br/>
130 12 Intelligence
131 <br/>
132 13 Wisdom
133 <br/>
134 12 Charisma
135 <br/>
136 </p>
137 <p>
138 <img src="../media/pen.png" alt="pen.png" style="float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;"/>
139 "Poet" configuration [player options on install, for Cleric dual class]
140 <br/>
141 16 Strength
142 <br/>
143 13 Dexterity
144 <br/>
145 15 Constitution
146 <br/>
147 12 Intelligence
148 <br/>
149 17 Wisdom
150 <br/>
151 12 Charisma
152 <br/>
153 </p>
154 <p>
155 <img src="../media/pensword.png" alt="pensword.png" style="float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;"/>
156 "Thinker" configuration [player options on install, for Mage dual class]
157 <br/>
158 16 Strength
159 <br/>
160 13 Dexterity
161 <br/>
162 15 Constitution
163 <br/>
164 17 Intelligence
165 <br/>
166 12 Wisdom
167 <br/>
168 12 Charisma
169 <br/>
170 </p>
171 <p>
172 <img src="../media/swordpen.png" alt="swordpen.png" style="float:left;margin:0 5px 0 0;"/>
173 "Survivor" configuration [player options on install, for Thief dual class]
174 <br/>
175 16 Strength
176 <br/>
177 17 Dexterity
178 <br/>
179 15 Constitution
180 <br/>
181 13 Intelligence
182 <br/>
183 12 Wisdom
184 <br/>
185 12 Charisma
186 <br/>
187 </p>
188 </div>
189 <h2>
190 Friendship
191 </h2>
192 <div class="section">
193 <p>
194 Aran will befriend any protagonist of any race or alignment,though how he reacts to situations will definitely let the player know how he feels. A rough - around - the - edges man, accustomed to mercenary sevice and caravan work both in front of and protecting the books, Aran hires on as a scribe or accountant as well as protection. He has learned to work with practically anyone not Drow, and chase any female within arms reach. His language is rough, his approach unrefined. And if you don't like it, he will gladly tell you exactly what your opinion is worth.
195 </p>
196 </div>
197 <h2>
198 Romance
199 </h2>
200 <div class="section">
201 <p>
202 Aran will romance any female protagonist of any race save Drow, or any alignment. Again, how he reacts will definitely let the player understand his position. Good men fall for bad women as quickly as for good ones, and sometimes opposites really do attract. But romance on the trail is awkward, with a group of adventurers around, and the road to romance is both rocky and complicated. Exactly how does a strong man feel when his significant other turns out to be infinitely stronger than he, on so many levels? Can the two of you negotiate the attraction into something of an equal relationship, or is this destined to fail? For a sample of lovetalks, please visit the forums.
203 </p>
204 </div>
205 <h2>
206 Joining the Party
207 </h2>
208 <div class="section">
209 <p>
210 When Aran Whitehand meets the party, he is looking for work having dropped from the rolls of a mercenary regiment. Look for him in the new inn "The Broken Sword", found on the Promenade just north of your initial entry into the area from Chateau Irenicus.
211 </p>
212 </div>
213 <h2>
214 Customization
215 </h2>
216 <div class="section">
217 <p>
218 Portrait choices currently available are <a href="../alternateportraits.html">here</a>.
219 </p>
220 </div>
221 <h2>
222 <a name="compat" id="compat">Compatibility</a>
223 </h2>
224 <div class="section">
225 <p>
226 Aran Whitehand, AranWAware, AranWSound
227 </p>
228 </div>
229 <h2>
230 <a name="install" id="install">Installation</a>
231 </h2>
232 <div class="section">
233 <p>
234 <br/>
235 <strong>Windows</strong>
236 <br/>
237 This mod is packaged and installed with <acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym> and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.
238 <br/>
239 <br/>
240 Alternatively, the files can be extracted from the archive using <a href="">WinRAR</a>. If properly extracted, you should have an "aranw" folder and the file "setup-aranw.exe" in your game folder. To install, simply double-click setup-aranw.exe and follow the instructions on screen.
241 <br/>
242 <br/>
243 Please run setup-aranw in your game folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.
244 <br/>
245 <br/>
246 <strong>Mac OS X</strong>
247 <br/>
248 <em>If the mod was previously installed, uninstall it before extracting the new version.</em>Aran Whitehand is packaged and installed with <acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym> . To install, simply extract the contents of the mod into your game folder. If properly extracted, you should have an "aranw" folder, setup-aranw, and setup-aranw.command in your game folder. To install, simply double-click <strong>setup-aranw.command</strong> and follow the instructions on screen.
249 <br/>
250 <br/>
251 <strong>Linux</strong>
252 <br/>
253 Extract the contents of the mod to the folder of the game you wish to modify. Download the latest version of WeiDU for Linux from <a href=" "><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym>.org</a>and copy WeiDU and WeInstall to /usr/bin. Following that, open a terminal and cd to your BG2 installation directory, run 'tolower' and answer Y to both queries. You can avoid running the second option (linux.ini) if you've already ran it once in the same directory. To save time, the archive is already tolowered, so there's no need to run the first option (lowercasing file names) either if you've extracted only this mod since the last time you lower cased file name. If you're unsure, running tolower and choosing both options is the safe bet. Run <strong>WeInstall aranw</strong> in your game folder to install the mod. Then run <strong>wine BGMain.exe</strong> and start playing.
254 </p>
255 </div>
256 <h2>
257 <a name="compon" id="compon">Components and Optional Follow-On Mods</a>
258 </h2>
259 <div class="section">
260 </p>
261 <strong>Component 0</strong>
262 <br/>
263 </p>
264 </p>
265 <strong>Component 1</strong>
266 <br/>
267 </p>
268 </p>
269 <strong>Component 2</strong>
270 <br/>
271 </p>
272 </p>
273 <strong>Component 3</strong>
274 <br/>
275 </p>
276 </p>
277 <strong>Follow-On Mods</strong>
278 <br/>
279 <strong>AranWAware</strong>
280 <br/>
281 AranWAware can be found here. It is designed to be run after both Aran Whitehand and other mods, much like Crossmod. While many "awareness" comments and dialogs are already enabled passively within the central mod, there are cross-mod materials that need adjustment. This add-on should be run after most mods on your install. It only enables content/manipulates Aran's own scripts and files, so should cause no troubles with other mods. Currently, it recognises and enables the following content:
282 <br/>
283 <strong>AranWSound</strong>
284 <br/>
285 AranWSound is currently vaporware. Hopefully, a real soundset alternative and musical alternatives will become available, and we can put them here.
286 <br/>
287 </p>
288 </div>
289 <h2>
290 <a name="modder" id="modder">Modder Notes</a>
291 </h2>
292 <div class="section">
293 <p>The philosophy driving coding in this project is to preserve technical operating compatibility with as wide a range of other mods as possible. I leave it up to the player to define 'conceptual incompatibility' - there are so many mods out there now that I think players have the right to choose to add, subtract, or modify within their games without me making those decisions up front. Hey, I am a hobbyist, not a professional - if you want professional stuff, go buy it! Some of the things done to support this are listed here:,/p>
294 <ul>
295 <li>
296 one
297 </li>
298 </ul>
299 </div>
300 <h2>
301 <a name="thanks" id="thanks">Thanks and Acknowledgements</a>
302 </h2>
303 <div class="section">
304 <p>
305 It takes many people to contribute to a project as large as <acronym title="Baldur's Gate">BG1</acronym> <acronym title="Non-Player Character">NPC</acronym> . The current list of folks who have contributed and we wish to thank is at our forum.
306 </p>
307 <p>
308 There is an entire community of folks to thank, for all sorts of reasons, so someone is going to get left out and I am going to be very embarassed. But the folks who really make things fun when working through i.e. stuff, the folks who assisted in proofreading, giving critical feedback, and sending those PMs and messages saying "YES!" or "NOOOOO!!!!!!" are all part of this mod. The good parts. The bad parts are all mine.
309 </p>
310 <p>
311 First off, Domi is a goddess whose work with Dynaheir in BG1NPC originally inspired me to get off of my lazy behind and actually become involved in modding. I thank her, curse her, swear at her, and then swear by her, all usually within the same 20 minutes. Thanks to CamDawg, Grim Squeaker, Smoketest, devSin, wisp, Taimon, Ascension64, igi eric, Steve, and Miloch, who all show me how things work and manage not to call me an ignorant jackass to my face (mostly). And infinite thanks to Nythrun, who showed me patience, great humor, and the power of "just do it."
312 </p>
313 <p>
314 And though he will make an obscene comment or involve Aran in a Dodecahedron mod in retaliation, special thanks to "the bigg". Not just for years of patience and help, but for continuing to support, clean up, extend, and rebuild Weimer's Dialog Utility making it relevant and powerful for today's modders.
315 </p>
316 <p>
317 On this specific project, huge thanks go to Berelinde, who has helped me bounce ideas, clean up/rebuild code, warned me when I was getting really gross, poked at me when I slacked, asked the "duh" questions that have set me on new paths, reminded me when I have started doing boneheaded things in code, and provided solid criticism. Jastey has been there regularly, giving great specific feedback; without these two strong modders as friends, working on and discussing things at Tolkein Across The Water, the biggest challenges in the mod whould never have been attempted, let alone written. To the Two Mistresses of Modding Mayhem, I tip my cap in appreciation, and let you know that you have helped me get hours of enjoyment out of the modding challenge. It is great to work with you!
318 </p>
319 <p>
320 Lots of people have helped out in this "open code" mod experiment, many with behind-the-scenes PMs that have opened new ideas or closed up old ones, others with clear and helpful bug and typo hunting, and still others with the ticklish and sensitive "proofread the smut" quotient. My appreciation is fierce. In most cases, my thanks has been to write specific pathways or open branches in response to their own particular personal protagonist preference (their "ppp"), but some angels have given feedback without indicating what they like in thier ppp, so the only coin I have in repayent is acknowledgement of contribution. A partial list follows:
321 </p>
322 <ul>
323 <li>
324 PeachPlums
325 </li>
326 <li>
327 RavenBlack
328 </li>
329 <li>
330 Ipsy
331 </li>
332 <li>
333 Nix
334 </li>
335 <li>
336 KIrving
337 </li>
338 <li>
339 Ajnos
340 </li>
341 <li>
342 KathStoneDog
343 </li>
344 <li>
345 McMazey
346 </li>
347 <li>
348 Jessception
349 </li>
350 <li>
351 Aeryn
352 </li>
353 <li>
354 Luridel
355 </li>
356 <li>
357 Ardanis
358 </li>
359 <li>
360 Miloch
361 </li>
362 <li>
363 Wisp
364 </li>
365 <li>
366 devSin
367 </li>
368 <li>
369 the bigg
370 </li>
371 <li>
372 Kaeloree
373 </li>
374 <li>
375 Marla Wolfblade
376 </li>
377 <li>
378 erik
379 </li>
380 <li>
381 Igneous
382 </li>
383 <li>
384 Kessi
385 </li>
386 <li>
387 yarpen
388 </li>
389 <li>
390 Autumn Bard
391 </li>
392 <li>
393 Ericp07
394 </li>
395 <li>
396 Mike1072
397 </li>
398 <li>
399 igi
400 </li>
401 <li>
402 Nythrun
403 </li>
404 <li>
405 Shaitan
406 </li>
407 <li>
408 plainab
409 </li>
410 <li>
411 Domi
412 </li>
413 <li>
415 </li>
416 </ul>
417 <p>
418 This project has been a blast, even on days when I just wanted to throw it all in and go whack something in Mount & Blade or take over the world in Civ III/IV/BTS/V (the project took that long!!). That is entirely due to folks poking at Aran with long sticks, asking questions, giving feedback, and making me rethink things.
419 </p>
420 <strong>Tools Used in Creation</strong>
421 <br/>
422 <a href=""><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym></a>by Wes Weimer and the bigg
423 <br/>
424 <a href="">WinMerge </a><acronym title="GNU's Not Unix">GNU</acronym> freeware file comparison utility, developed: Grim; Project Lead: List
425 <br/>
426 <a href="">jEdit Programmer's Text Editor
427 <br/>
428 <a href="">ConTEXT</a>by Eden Kirin
429 <br/>
430 <a href="">TextPAD</a>purchased version 5 by Helios Software Solutions
431 <br/>
432 <a href="">WildEdit</a>purchased version 1.1 by Helios Software Solutions
433 <br/>
434 <a href="">Crimson Editor </a>by Ingyu Kang
435 <br/>
436 <a href=""><acronym title="Dragonlance Total Conversion Editor Pro">DLTCEP</acronym></a>by Avenger
437 <br/>
438 <a href=""><acronym title="Infinity Engine Structures Description Project">IESDP</acronym></a>maintained by igi and Avenger
439 <br/>
440 <a href=",22727.msg297145.html#msg297145">Near Infinity</a>by Jon Olav Hauglid, FredSRichardson, devSin, and Wisp
441 <br/>
442 <a href="">Shadowkeeper</a>by Mud-Master
443 <br/>
444 <a href=""><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym>jEdit Highlighters </a>by cmorgan
445 <br/>
446 <a href=""><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym>ConTEXT Highlighters </a>by Idobek, updated by cmorgan
447 <br/>
448 <a href=""><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym>Crimson Editor Highlighters </a>by cmorgan
449 <br/>
450 <a href=""><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym>TextWrangler Highlighters </a>by cmorgan
451 <br/>
452 <a href=""><acronym title="Weimer Dialogue Utility">WeiDU</acronym>NotePad++ Highlighters </a>by mike 1072 and cmorgan
453 <br/>
454 <a href="">ZOOM H4next</a>Handy Prortable digital Audio recording device
455 <br/>
456 Audacity
457 <br/>
458 </p>
459 </div>
460 <h2>
461 Musical Themes Used
462 </h2>
463 <div class="section">
464 <p>
465 NOTE: To access this content, you will need to download and install the <em>Aran Whitehand Sound Pack</em>. You can find it on The Gibberlings Three download page, <a href="">here.</a>
466 </p>
467 <ul>
468 <li>
469 <strong>Happy Music: </strong> <em>Title</em>by author
470 </li>
471 <li>
472 <strong>Friendship Music: </strong> <em>Title</em>by author
473 </li>
474 <li>
475 <strong>Romance Music: </strong> <em>Title</em>by author
476 </li>
477 </ul>
478 </div>
479 <h2>
480 <a name="contact" id="contact">Contact and Copyright Information</a>
481 </h2>
482 <div class="section">
483 <p>
484 This mod is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare&#8482; or Interplay/BlackIsle. It is not released under any license at all, because it is a EULA-breaking Law-shirking Free Random Expression Of Fun(tm), and the only "license" it could fit under is probably not enforceable in any way shape or form. I hereby grant anyone the freedom to do anything they want with it. If you rip off large parts of it, contact Aran Sorkin, Joss Whedon, and any number of other sci-fi and fantasy authors and pay them, because any good stuff in here is probably rephrases of their work that have been floating about in my brain for years, only "Forgotten Reams-Ized". If there are any copyright issues or this statement needs revision then please contact me and advise me what to do about it. This mod was created to be freely enjoyed, mercilessly hated, or stalwortly ignored by all Baldur's Gate II players. If you are looking to make a buck or two off of it, you really have not played the mod. I'd advise you to do so,
485 especially the naughty bits, because that will kill any ideas you had about actually, you know... profiting :) .
486 </p>
487 </div>
488 <h2>
489 <a name="history" id="history">Version History</a>
490 </h2>
491 <div class="section">
492 <p>
493 <strong>Version Pre-alpha - April, 2011 </strong>
494 </p>
495 <ul>
496 <li>
497 Let the bug-hunt begin!
498 </li>
499 </ul>
500 </div>
501 </body>
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502 </html>
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