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arwanw_aware is a WeiDU-based add-on mod for Aran Whitehand. The package adds crossmod banters, interjections, and enables dialog branches already present in Aran Whitehand that can only come into play when other mods are detected in the install.
aranw_aware should be installed last out of all mods that the user wants to detect and enable.
Divine Remix.
aranw_aware will open pathways that recognise if your PC is using one of the Cleric Kits from Divine Remix.
Kits Recognized:
Heartwarder of Sune
Feywarden of Correlon
Strifeleader of Cyric
Painbearer of Ilmater
Lorekeeper of Oghma
Firewalker of Kossuth
Silverstar of Selune
Holy Strategist of the Red Knight
Nightcloak of Shar
Battleguard of Tempus
Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim
NPC Mod Banters
aranw_aware will add banters between Aran and the NPC in question if both Aran Whitehand and the other NPC mod are installed before running aranw_aware.
NPC Mods Recognized:
Laufey's Edwin Romance (one interjection in a conflict between Edwin and Anomen)
Angelo (two banters in SoA, two in ToB)
"authorized", by Sister Vigilante and cmorgan; sound clips by Sister Vigilante
Kivan (two banters in SoA) - "authorized" and "unauthorized"
one by Domi and cmorgan, another by cmorgan (and hopefully she will ok it when she has the chance).
Saerileth (three banters and one comment in SoA)
"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Netharin/Sillara
Tashia Remix, by Michael "Arian" Lyashenko, Bri, and Lord Ernie (two banters in SoA, two in ToB)
"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Bri, Lord Ernie, or the original author, Michael "Arian" Lyashenko
Tsujatha NPC MOD For Baldur’s Gate 2 (TOB Required) by Sillara of the Tamari (two banters in SoA)
"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Sillara
Solaufein Romance Mod Pack, by Westley Weimer (two banters in SoA)
"unauthorized", by cmorgan - if they stink, blame me and not Westley Weimer
Gavin, by Berelinde (two banters in SoA, one ICT3)
"authorized", by berelinde and cmorgan.
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