Animation envelope engine for JavaScript.
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##Burst-Core A Timeline Animation Library for JavaScript
Copyright F1LT3R © 2010, All Rights Reserved

###What does it do?

The Burst-Core brings time-line animation control to JavaScript. Based on the classic structure: Time-line > Object > Track > Key-frame, Burst-Core is suitable for complex, multi-layered, non-linear animations. Burst-Core also supports method-chaining and call-back architecture to support rich, interactive use cases.

###Show Me The Syntax!

Here is an example that will create a timeline, grab a DIV from the DOM and animate it over 100 frame with a 'outBounce' easing.

// Timeline args: timelineName, startFrame, endFrame, speedRatio, loop, callBack 
burst.timeline( 'myTimeline', 0, 100, 1, false, function(){ alert('finished!'); } )
  // Object args: name, objectReference
  .obj( 'myDiv', document.getElementById( 'myDiv' ).style )    
    // Track args: property to change over time
    .track( 'left' )
      // Key args: frameNumber, valueAtFrame, easeingMethod
      .key(   0,   0, 'outBounce' )
      .key( 100, 100 );

###What can it control?

  • WebGL Objects
  • Processing JS Game Characters
  • DOM Objects
  • SVG Elements
  • Audio Signals
  • Anything with values that change over time