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#!/bin/awk -f
# Expects the result of running "od -A d -t x1 binaryfile >textfile" as input
# (run this program on "textfile")
# Before reading any input...
# Establish the type of this variable as numeric
offset = 0
# For each line of input...
# If there is more than one word in the input line (optimization
# against the last line being only an offset value)...
if ( NF > 1 ) {
# ...form a valid monitor command line from this input line
# Output the address that we want the Apple ][ monitor to store the
# following hex values at, followed by the uppercased hex values
# Make the address out of the first field (adjust the added
# constant to your individual situation)
offset = $1 + 0x138F
printf( "%X:", offset )
# Output the rest of the fields, uppercased
for ( i = 2; i <= NF; ++i ) {
printf( " %s", toupper($i) )
# DOS line ending required for correct transfer through
# HyperTerminal's Transfer->Send Text File... into Apple serial card
printf "\r\n"
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