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commit 5bc7084c3c9849acd644f09ee86005267740a5f6 1 parent 074e3e0
@cmosher01 authored
7 web/Makefile
@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ install :
mkdir -p apple2
cp index.html apple2
cp warning.png apple2
- cp redhat.png apple2
- cp debian.png apple2
- cp windows.gif apple2
- cp make.png apple2
+uninstall :
+ rm -Rf apple2
BIN  web/debian.png
Deleted file not rendered
23 web/index.asciidoc
@@ -37,26 +37,6 @@ violation of copyright law.
By clicking any of the links in the following list, you are effectively placing an order
to reproduce that work, and agree to the restrictions outlined above.
-==== Redhat (RPM) image:redhat.png[Redhat RPM]
-Apple ][ System:[apple2sys.noarch.rpm]
-Apple ][ Disk Operating System:[apple2dos.noarch.rpm]
-==== Debian (DEB) image:debian.png[Debian DEB]
-Apple ][ System:[apple2sys_all.deb]
-Apple ][ Disk Operating System:[apple2dos_all.deb]
-==== Windows (MSI) image:windows.gif[Windows MSI]
-Apple ][ System:[apple2sys.msi]
-Apple ][ Disk Operating System:[apple2dos.msi]
-==== Source (make) image:make.png[Source make]
Apple ][ System:[apple2sys.tar.gz]
Apple ][ Disk Operating System:[apple2dos.tar.gz]
@@ -119,5 +99,4 @@ More details on specific versions are available
in source code comments, and in various README files that also come with
the source distributions. As stated above, these works are provided for
private study, scholarship, or research only, and are (or may be) copyright
-by Apple, Inc., or others. For convenience, these works are also provided in
-binary form.
+by Apple, Inc., or others.
BIN  web/make.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  web/redhat.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  web/windows.gif
Deleted file not rendered
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