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original .do disk image of DOS 3.3(0) System Master, and nibblized version
stock330init.nib & .do
nibble image (and de-nibblized version) of disk image exactly as created
by a stock DOS 3.3(0) INIT command (in emulator)
stock330mastercreated.nib & .do
as above, but then run DOS 3.3(0) MASTER CREATE (in emulator) & .nib
Used apple2src to build DOS 3.3(0) onto disk (apple2src/build/dos/dos3X/dos330/ & .nib)
into T$0S$0-T$2S$A (no HELLO program name)
Built with VERSION=330 and NODELAY
Valid catalog track $11 (no files, all sectors free except T$0S$0-T$2S$A, T$11)
zeroes elsewhere
volume #254
Copied (using Copy ][ Plus 5.5) all files from original DOS 3.3(0) System Master.
Boots HELLO program.
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