EPPLE ][ is an emulator of the Apple ][ computer.
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epple2 (Emulated Apple ][)

Build Status

epple2 is an emulator of the Apple ][ and Apple ][ plus computers from Apple, Inc. It strives to faithfully simulate much of the internal workings of the original Apple ][, including the individual cycles of the 6502 CPU, and the NTSC video signal generation, including the “strange orange line”, other color anomalies, and the “floating data bus.” Understanding the Apple ][, by Jim Sather, is the primary source for information about the internals of the Apple ][.

The CPU and video timings are synchronized, and the emulator is designed to run at the same speed as the original machine (if your computer is fast enough). It also emulates several different types of television screens and monitors for the display.

It includes emulation of a Disk ][ controller card, a ROM firmware card, and a RAM Language card, as well as a simple clock card.

epple2 is written in C++, and is designed to be buildable on Linux, Mac, or Windows (mingw). SDL is the only dependency.

epple2 is released under GPLv3.

See files COPYING.* for copyright notices.