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What You Need
To run ThotKeeper, you need a few bits of software. Unfortunately,
this list may be incomplete, and we have no idea what versions of
anything are required. Sorry 'bout that. Anyway, here's the list:
* Python 2.3 or newer []
The Python programming language and interpreter.
* wxPython 2.8 or newer []
Python interfaces to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI library.
How To Install It
Currently there is no installation step for ThotKeeper, per se.
ThotKeeper can generally be run directly from its source code tree
(either a working copy of the ThotKeeper Subversion source code
repository, or exploded from a ThotKeeper release archive). On
Unix-like systems, you should be able to simply do:
$ chmod +x ./thotkeeper ### possibly not necessary
$ ./thotkeeper
or, if that doesn't work, try:
$ python ./thotkeeper
On Windows, you probably need to create a shortcut that invokes your
Python interpreter with the path of the 'thotkeeper' script as its
argument. Or, if your Python interpreter can be found in the %PATH%
environment variable, you can run the following at a command prompt:
C:\> python .\thotkeeper
What If I Have Problems?
Question, comments, and code contributions are always welcome at