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# Releasing ThotKeeper #

Primary development of ThotKeeper occurs on `master` branch. We use
feature branches for larger things, but currently have no need for
published release branches. At the moment, the general approach to
releases involves tagging a small variant of the current `master` and
blessing that as a release.

## Release Process ##

Ensure that copyright years are correct, and commit and push any
changes resulting from the process.

> $ ./tools/bump-copyright-years .
Create a local release branch.

> $ git checkout -b X.Y.Z-release
Update the `CHANGES` file, pegging the date of the release.

Update `lib/`, removing "-dev" from the `__version__`
variable value and establishing the desired final version.

Commit these changes.

> $ git commit -a -m "Prepare for the X.Y.Z release"
Tag to release and push the tag upstream.

> $ git tag -a -m "Tag the X.Y.Z release." X.Y.Z
> $ git push origin tag X.Y.Z
Build the release archives with the `make-release` script.

> $ tools/make-release ~/Desktop X.Y.Z
Make sure that the generated files have the right stuff (and don't have the
wrong stuff).

Now, edit the GitHub release (at

* Change the release title to "ThotKeeper X.Y.Z"

* Copy the `CHANGES` entries for the release into the description:

* Did some stuff.
* Fixed some bugs.

* Attach the release archive files (tar.gz and zip) to the release.

## After the Release ##

After releasing a new version, we need to make sure that `master` is ready to
continue on into the future. So switch back to that branch.

> $ git checkout master
Merge the changes you made on the release branch.

> $ git merge X.Y.Z-release
Edit `lib/` to increment the patch number of the `__version__`
variable and re-add the "-dev" suffix.

Edit `CHANGES` and add the template for the next release's changes.

Commit and push these changes.

> $ git commit -a -m "Begin a new release cycle."; git push
Finally, remove the release branch.

> $ git branch -d X.Y.Z-release

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