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Worship Music

Original music, composed by C. Michael Pilato and others for the Christian church and permissively licensed.


Whether a worship song that I write is originally just a personal act of worship to God or intended for collective use for that purpose by my local church family, it is an offering to God not altogether different from a financial offering — He is the Provider of all my creative ability, so I return to Him a portion of that time and talent. I want this music to serve God and His Church, and that opportunity would be diminished by restrictively licensing the works. I've been self-publishing on the Internet the lyrics and demo recordings of my worship songs since I first started writing them, but I realized that not having a canonical representation of at least the melodic lead vocal line could still be a barrier to adoption for others wishing to learn and use this music. This repository and its content are the direct result of that realization and my attempt to mitigate that problem.

Yeah, but why?

As a beneficiary of and contributor to free and open-source software for decades, I recognize the value of things developed and released openly, where other people's critical eyes can improve quality and where there are fewer barriers to adoption (cost, usage prohibitions, etc.). It makes sense to me that this model as applied to other creative disciplines (music, film, art, etc.) is not only viable, but desirable. Culture demands to be free, and the artistic expressions found in the arts are some of the most culture-preserving and culture-defining things extant.

When discussing worship music specifically, this is art "created" (at least ostensibly) for God and His Church. And given both the universal applicability of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the evangelistic mission of the Church, I simply cannot fathom why any Christian musician would allow anything to prevent the widest distribution of that Truth in song possible.

Moreover, as worship music often (and necessarily, I'd say) uses the Holy Bible as a source text for lyrical inspirition — plus the general fact that everything is a remix — the notion of a worship song being the result of truly creative ex nihilo act by a single or small handful of actors (songwriters) simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Every songwriter stands on the shoulders of those who've gone before them — creators of instruments, of musical theory, of language and its nuances, of symbolism and metaphor found in the physical world, etc. And if you trace backward the lineage of every stage of the remixing, reprocessing, repurposing act that we call "creativity" to its original source, you find that all things spring from a single place: God, the Creator.


All musical compositions in this repository carry a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license.

See also

Check out MuseScore for a wonderfully user-friendly (and openly developed) musical notation software.

For more on the reasons why the modern notion of copyright and its enforcement can be toxic, check out Question Copyright.


Original musical for the Christian church



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