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This is a modified version of with-raw-string library written by @jarnaldich.

This is an extension language on top of Racket that tunes the reader to add raw string syntax, so that you can write things like:

#lang raw-string racket #\$

(directory-list $"\\SERVER\Share")          ; list unc paths under windows
(directory-list $[c:\Program Files] )       ; use paring chars as delimiters
(regexp-split (pregexp $'\s') "two fields") ; -> '("two" "fields")


To install racket-raw-string with Racket 5.3.4 and newer:

raco pkg install racket-raw-string

On older versions of Racket (either you'll need Git or download the tarball and extract them manually):

git clone
raco link racket-raw-string
raco setup racket-raw-string


Special thanks to:


This library is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPLv3). See COPYING for further information.

Copyright 2014 (C) Duong Nguyen (@cmpitg)

Copyright 2011 (C) Joan Arnaldich (@jarnaldich)

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