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#include "Common.h"
/* forward declaration */
typedef struct SAL_Socket SAL_Socket;
typedef void (*SAL_Socket_ReadCallback)(SAL_Socket* socket, void* const state);
#define SAL_Socket_Families_IPV4 0
#define SAL_Socket_Families_IPV6 1
#define SAL_Socket_Families_IPAny 2
#define SAL_Socket_Types_TCP 0 /* should probably add UDP eventually */
#define SAL_Socket_AddressLength 16
struct SAL_Socket {
#ifdef WINDOWS
uint64 RawSocket;
#elif defined POSIX
int RawSocket;
uint8 Type;
uint8 Family;
boolean Connected;
uint8 LastError;
uint8 RemoteEndpointAddress[SAL_Socket_AddressLength];
SAL_Socket_ReadCallback ReadCallback;
void* ReadCallbackState;
public SAL_Socket* SAL_Socket_Connect(const int8* const address, const int8* port, uint8 family, uint8 type);
public SAL_Socket* SAL_Socket_Listen(const int8* const port, uint8 family, uint8 type);
public SAL_Socket* SAL_Socket_Accept(SAL_Socket* listener);
public void SAL_Socket_Close(SAL_Socket* socket);
public uint32 SAL_Socket_Read(SAL_Socket* socket, uint8* const buffer, const uint32 bufferSize);
public uint32 SAL_Socket_Write(SAL_Socket* socket, const uint8* const toWrite, const uint32 writeAmount);
public uint32 SAL_Socket_EnsureWrite(SAL_Socket* socket, const uint8* const toWrite, const uint32 writeAmount, uint8 maxAttempts);
public void SAL_Socket_SetReadCallback(SAL_Socket* socket, SAL_Socket_ReadCallback callback, void* const state);
public void SAL_Socket_UnsetSocketCallback(SAL_Socket* socket);
public uint16 SAL_Socket_HostToNetworkShort(uint16 value);
public uint16 SAL_Socket_NetworkToHostShort(uint16 value);
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