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Guten Pass is an open source password generator using gutenberg texts as source material
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Guten-Pass: A Password Generator

This is a password generator that bases it's source dictionary of words from literary works available from Project Gutenberg.

Developer Installation & Build

Either download or clone this repo and cd to it.

npm install

This will install around 50MB of webpack and related modules in order to develop.



npm run build

Debug (non-minified) builds are available using:

npm run build:debug


npm run watch

Note: It is important that you run npm run build to generate a final minified version, rather than relying on the last watch output.



  1. Go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Click Load Unpacked Extension and select the build/chrome folder

Note: Chrome will keep this extension loaded after shutting down Chrome.


  1. Go to about:debugging#addons
  2. Click 'Load Temporary add-on' and select any file in the 'build/firefox' folder

Note: Firefox will always unload this extension after shutting down Firefox.


The main source for this project is based on the skeleton project available here, by yours truly.

Thanks to the inspirational work by Bharani, and his Email This boilerplate. Some of his code has been used (and credited) in the upstream skeleton project, but will be morphed and removed over time.

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