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Three tools for text preparation

Written by Christine Roughan. Feel free to use and adapt if you find them useful.


A diagnostic tool that outputs a list of characters that are present in an input text as well as a count of those characters. Expects a .txt file as input.

Usage in the terminal:

python <txt_file>


A tool which will remove the desired characters from an input text.

Usage in the terminal:

python -i <input txt> -o <output txt> <characters>

The input must be a .txt file. Output is optional and defaults to out.txt. If multiple characters are desired to be removed, separate each character with a space. Unicode escape codes may be used for characters if desired.

E.g.: python -i text.txt a b c \u0064


A tool which will take an input .txt file and split each paragraph into lines based on a specified character length. (Do not use a .txt file which has already been split into lines.) The default character length is 65 characters, but this may be changed with the -c option. The default output text is out_lines.txt.

Usage in the terminal:

python -c <character_length> -o <output txt> <input txt>

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