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from HiggsAnalysis.CombinedLimit.PhysicsModel import *
### This base class implements signal yields by production and decay mode
### Specific models can be obtained redefining getHiggsSignalYieldScale
class TwoHypotesisHiggs(PhysicsModel):
def __init__(self):
self.mHRange = []
self.muAsPOI = False
self.muFloating = False
self.fqqIncluded = False
self.fqqFloating = False
self.poiMap = []
self.pois = {}
self.verbose = False
self.altSignal = "ALT"
def setModelBuilder(self, modelBuilder):
PhysicsModel.setModelBuilder(self, modelBuilder)
self.modelBuilder.doModelBOnly = False
def getYieldScale(self,bin,process):
"Split in production and decay, and call getHiggsSignalYieldScale; return 1 for backgrounds "
if not self.DC.isSignal[process]: return 1
isAlt = (self.altSignal in process)
if self.pois:
target = "%(bin)s/%(process)s" % locals()
scale = 1
for p, l in self.poiMap:
for el in l:
if re.match(el, target):
scale = p + self.sigNorms[isAlt]
print "Will scale ", target, " by ", scale
return scale;
elif self.fqqIncluded:
ret = self.sigNorms[isAlt]
if isAlt: ret+= self.sigNormsqqH["qqbarH" in process]
print "Process ", process, " will get scaled by ", ret
return ret
print "Process ", process, " will get norm ", self.sigNorms[isAlt]
return self.sigNorms[isAlt]
def setPhysicsOptions(self,physOptions):
for po in physOptions:
if po == "fqqIncluded":
print "Will consider fqq = fraction of qqH in Alt signal (signal strength will be left floating)"
# Here alsways setting muFloating if fqq in model, should this be kept optional?
self.fqqIncluded = True
self.muFloating = True
if po == "fqqFloating":
self.fqqIncluded = True
self.fqqFloating = True
self.fqqRange = "0.","1."
self.muFloating = True
if po.startswith("fqqRange="):
self.fqqIncluded = True
self.fqqFloating = True
self.muFloating = True
self.fqqRange = po.replace("fqqRange=","").split(",")
if len(self.fqqRange) != 2:
raise RuntimeError, "fqq range definition requires two extrema"
elif float(self.fqqRange[0]) >= float(self.fqqRange[1]):
raise RuntimeError, "Extrema for fqq range defined with inverterd order. Second must be larger the first"
if po == "muAsPOI":
print "Will consider the signal strength as a parameter of interest"
self.muAsPOI = True
self.muFloating = True
if po == "muFloating":
print "Will consider the signal strength as a floating parameter (as a parameter of interest if --PO muAsPOI is specified, as a nuisance otherwise)"
self.muFloating = True
if po.startswith("altSignal="): self.altSignal = po.split(",")[1]
if po.startswith("higgsMassRange="):
self.mHRange = po.replace("higgsMassRange=","").split(",")
if len(self.mHRange) != 2:
raise RuntimeError, "Higgs mass range definition requires two extrema"
elif float(self.mHRange[0]) >= float(self.mHRange[1]):
raise RuntimeError, "Extrema for Higgs mass range defined with inverterd order. Second must be larger the first"
if po.startswith("verbose"):
self.verbose = True
if po.startswith("map="):
self.muFloating = True
(maplist,poi) = po.replace("map=","").split(":")
maps = maplist.split(",")
poiname = re.sub("\[.*","", poi)
if poiname not in self.pois:
if self.verbose: print "Will create a var ",poiname," with factory ",poi
self.pois[poiname] = poi
if self.verbose: print "Mapping ",poiname," to ",maps," patterns"
self.poiMap.append((poiname, maps))
def doParametersOfInterest(self):
"""Create POI and other parameters, and define the POI set."""
poi = "x"
if self.muFloating:
if self.pois:
for pn,pf in self.pois.items():
if self.muAsPOI:
print 'Treating %(pn)s as a POI' % locals()
poi += ','+pn
self.modelBuilder.factory_('expr::%(pn)s_times_not_x("@0*(1-@1)", %(pn)s, x)' % locals())
self.modelBuilder.factory_('expr::%(pn)s_times_x("@0*@1", %(pn)s, x)' % locals())
self.sigNorms = { True:'_times_x', False:'_times_not_x' }
if self.muAsPOI:
print 'Treating r as a POI'
poi += ",r"
self.modelBuilder.factory_("expr::r_times_not_x(\"@0*(1-@1)\", r, x)")
self.modelBuilder.factory_("expr::r_times_x(\"@0*@1\", r, x)")
self.sigNorms = { True:'r_times_x', False:'r_times_not_x' }
if self.fqqIncluded:
if self.fqqFloating: self.modelBuilder.doVar("fqq[0,%s,%s]" % (self.fqqRange[0],self.fqqRange[1]));
else: self.modelBuilder.doVar("fqq[0]");
self.modelBuilder.factory_("expr::r_times_x_times_fqq(\"@0*@1\", r_times_x, fqq)")
self.modelBuilder.factory_("expr::r_times_x_times_not_fqq(\"@0*(1-@1)\", r_times_x, fqq)")
self.sigNormsqqH = {True:'_times_fqq',False:'_times_not_fqq'}
self.modelBuilder.factory_("expr::not_x(\"(1-@0)\", x)")
self.sigNorms = { True:'x', False:'not_x' }
if self.modelBuilder.out.var("MH"):
if len(self.mHRange):
print 'MH will be left floating within', self.mHRange[0], 'and', self.mHRange[1]
print 'MH will be assumed to be', self.options.mass
if len(self.mHRange):
print 'MH will be left floating within', self.mHRange[0], 'and', self.mHRange[1]
self.modelBuilder.doVar("MH[%s,%s]" % (self.mHRange[0],self.mHRange[1]))
print 'MH (not there before) will be assumed to be', self.options.mass
self.modelBuilder.doVar("MH[%g]" % self.options.mass)
twoHypothesisHiggs = TwoHypotesisHiggs()
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