Contest Management System
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Contest Management System


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CMS, or Contest Management System, is a distributed system for running and (to some extent) organizing a programming contest.

CMS has been designed to be general and to handle many different types of contests, tasks, scorings, etc. Nonetheless, CMS has been explicitly build to be used in the 2012 International Olympiad in Informatics, held in September 2012 in Italy.


For end-users it's best to download the latest stable version of CMS, which can be found already packaged at

This git repository, which contains the development version in its master branch, is intended for developers and everyone interested in contributing or just curious to see how the code works and wanting to hack on it.

Please note that since the sandbox is contained in a git submodule you should append --recursive to the standard git clone command to obtain it. Or, if you have already cloned CMS, simply run the following command from inside the repository:

git submodule update --init


To learn how to install and use CMS, please read the documentation, available at

If you have questions or need help troubleshooting some problem, contact us in the chat at gitter, or write on the support mailing list, where no registration is required (you can see the archives on Google Groups).

To help with the troubleshooting, you can upload on some online pastebin the relevant log files, that you can find in /var/local/log/cms/ (if CMS was running installed) or in ./log (if it was running from the local copy).

If you encountered a bug, please file an issue on GitHub following the instructions in the issue template.

Please don't file issues to ask for help, we are happy to help on the mailing list or on gitter, and it is more likely somebody will answer your query sooner.

You can subscribe to to receive announcements of new releases and other important news. Register on Google Groups.

For development queries, you can write to and as before subscribe or see the archives on Google Groups.


CMS has been used in several official and unofficial contests. Please find an updated list at

If you used CMS for a contest, selection, or a similar event, and want to publicize this information, we would be more than happy to hear from you and add it to that list.