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#ifndef MuonReco_MuonTime_h
#define MuonReco_MuonTime_h
namespace reco {
struct MuonTime {
enum Direction { OutsideIn = -1, Undefined = 0, InsideOut = 1 };
/// number of muon stations used
int nDof;
/// time of arrival at the IP for the Beta=1 hypothesis
/// a) particle is moving from inside out
float timeAtIpInOut;
float timeAtIpInOutErr;
/// b) particle is moving from outside in
float timeAtIpOutIn;
float timeAtIpOutInErr;
/// direction estimation based on time dispersion
Direction direction() const {
if (nDof < 2)
return Undefined;
if (timeAtIpInOutErr > timeAtIpOutInErr)
return OutsideIn;
return InsideOut;
MuonTime() : nDof(0), timeAtIpInOut(0), timeAtIpInOutErr(0), timeAtIpOutIn(0), timeAtIpOutInErr(0) {}
} // namespace reco
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