A simple shop for CMSimple_XH
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XHShop Plugin for CMSimple_XH

stable: 1.0 License: GPL v3

This plugin is based on the wellrad plugin 1.2.1 by Martin Damken, and is supposed to be further developed by the CMSimple_XH community. Many thanks to Martin for allowing us to change the license to GPLv3!

End users

There is growing documentation in our wiki.


For development purposes, you can directly clone this repo into the plugins/ folder of a CMSimple_XH installation. Afterwards you have to setup the demo content by running either

composer install
phing setup



The latter is a convenience for Windows users who don't want to install Composer, and just want to test a Git checkout. For full support of the development tools you have to install composer, though. Then run

composer install

to see what's supported.