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#lcd4linux rotator ##by Chris Jones Released under the GNU GPL v2 only. All Rights Reserved.

This is a class for use with lcd4linux. Its task is simple. You want a Bar Widget to alternate between multiple sources of information (e.g. cycle through 5 disks to show their usage).

To achieve this, you should call this plugin roughly in this fashion in your lcd4linux.conf:

Widget LabelAllDisks {
    class 'Text'
    update 1000
    width 4
    expression python::exec('lcd4linux_rotator', 'main', 'AllDisks key root=/,md0=/data,home=/home)
Widget BarAllDisks {
    class 'Bar'
    update 1000
    length 16
    direction 'E'
    min 0
    max 100
    expression path=python::exec('lcd4linux_rotator', 'main', 'AllDisks value') ; ((statfs(path, 'blocks') - statfs(path, 'bavail')) / statfs(path, 'blocks'))*100

Now let's explain what that all meant.

The first widget is a label that updates every 1000msec and gets its value from a python expression. That expression calls the "main" methid in this module ("lcd4linux_rotator") and passes in a string of data.

The format of that string is: "NAME TYPE [KEY=VALUE,,,,]"

NAME - The name of this instance of lcd4linux_rotator. You can have as many as you want, just use the same name in the label and bar, so the module knows which one you want.

TYPE - This indicates to the module which type of widget you are. There are currently two types, 'key' and 'value'. If you're the 'key' kind, you will get the keys, if you are the 'value' kind you will get the values.

KEY=VALUE - These are the keys and values mentioned previously. The key is the string to the left of the = and the value is the string to the right. Note that you don't have to specify all the keys/values for both of the places you use this class, but if you do specify them twice they must be identical.

So what will happen in this example is that each second, lcd4linux will update both of these widgets and the label will show "root" first, then "md0" a second later, then "home" a second later. Meanwhile the bar widget will represent the percentage of disk space used on "/" at first, then "/data" a second later, then "/home" a second later.


Allow a label/widget pair to rotate between several data sources






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