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Provides type declarations in the global context and manages custom constants.
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This is a JavaScript module which provides constants for browser and server environments. Its main purpose is to define the six available types in the global context (TYPE_FUNCTION, TYPE_STRING, TYPE_OBJECT, TYPE_BOOLEAN, TYPE_NUMBER, TYPE_UNDEFINED).


npm install konstant


On the server, a simple


is sufficient for defining the type declarations. In a browser environment, the script just needs to be included in your DOM.

When additional constants are needed, the module should be initialized on the server as follows:

// Server environment

var Konstant = require('konstant');


Konstant.define (key, value, inGlobal)

Konstant.define (object, inGlobal)

With define, a new constant can be defined. You can provide either a hashmap or key-value-pairs. When inGlobal is set to true, the constant will be made available in the global context (which is the window object in a browser environment).

Konstant.defined (key)

Returns true or false, depending on whether a constant has been defined or not.

Konstant.get (key)

Returns the given constant or throws an error if it hasn't been defined.

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