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Developing the Theory and Practice of Epidemiological Forecasting

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  1. delphi-epidata delphi-epidata Public

    An open API for epidemiological data.

    Python 101 63

  2. epiprocess epiprocess Public

    Tools for basic signal processing in epidemiology

    R 13 9

  3. covidcast-indicators covidcast-indicators Public

    Back end for producing indicators and loading them into the COVIDcast API.

    Python 12 17

  4. covidcast-pnas covidcast-pnas Public

    Source code for Delphi's PNAS papers on our COVIDcast effort.

    TeX 3 4

  5. epipredict epipredict Public

    Tools for building predictive models in epidemiology.

    R 8 8

  6. epidatr epidatr Public

    Delphi Epidata API R Client

    R 1 5


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