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Delphi COVID-19 Monitoring Dashboard

License: MIT Github Actions Netlify Status

This is the HCII-led project for visualizing Delphi predictions

The current stable main version is deployed at

The next dev version is deployed at

Figma Mock-Ups

Located at: Figma Delphi-Site-Redesign.

Development Environment

One click solution: Open in Gitpod

node and npm are required for development.

To begin development, clone this repository and run

npm install

To lint or check for styling, run

npm run lint

To run unit test, run

npm test

To run e2e test, run

npm run build

To run the development server, run

npm start

the website is then accessible via: http://localhost:8080/

To run e2e test against the development server, run

npm start

in a separate shell:

npm run cy:open

Release Process

The release consists of multiple steps which can be all done via the GitHub website:

  1. Go to create_release GitHub Action and click the Run workflow button. Enter the next version number or one of the magic keywords (patch, minor, major) and hit the green Run workflow button.
  2. The action will prepare a new release and will end up with a new Pull Request
  3. Let the code owner review the PR and its changes and let the CI check whether everything builds successfully
  4. Once approved and merged, another GitHub action job starts which automatically will
    1. create a git tag
    2. create a GitHub release with automatically derived release notes
    3. create a Pull Request in www-main to update the website to the new release
  5. Done


This repository is released under the MIT License.