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Janeway plugin for managing journal archiving.
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Archiving Plugin

This is a feature plugin for the Janeway journal management system. It adds the ability to create and manage archived versions of a journal (and its articles) which users can then browse.

N.B. This plugin relies on features that are only present in the most recent master of Janeway. Please update if you haven't.


The steps to install this plugin are as follows:

  1. Navigate to your base janeway directory, and go to src/plugins
  2. Clone this repository to that directory
  3. Navigate back to src, and (with your virtual environment enabled) run python3 install_plugins
  4. Make the migrations for the plugin: python3 makemigrations archive_plugin
  5. Run migrations: python3 migrate
  6. Set up automatic journal archiving if desired: python3 run_archive
  • Ensure the cron job was added correctly by entering crontab -l. If it isn't present (or for some reason it couldn't see the virutal environment), you can manually add the following to your cron jobs to set up quarterly archiving (crontab -e): 0 0 1 */3 * /path/to/virtual/environment/bin/python3 /path/to/janeway/src/ create_archive # Automatic journal archiving
  1. Restart apache
  2. Open your instance of janeway, and for all journals for which you wish to use this plugin, go to manager->plugins, select this plugin, and toggle features.
  3. (Optional) To add the plugin's browse functionality for a journal (lists all articles in their most up-to-date, published version), go to manager->content manager, click modify nav, and add a page named Browse with the url plugins/archive_plugin/browse_entries, or, if you are using path instead of domain, journal_code/plugins/archive_plugin/browse_entries, where 'journal_code' is the code you gave to the journal.

Manually running an archive

If you want to manually run an archive, ssh into your server, navigate to your janeway install src directory, activate your virtual environment, and run python3 create_archive. Alternatively, you can just use janeway's built in issue system and select all articles you wish to include.

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