Repository for the Tetrad Project,
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This is the code for the Tetrad project. Please, if you
are a user of Tetrad, or even a novice, if you are 
willing, would you please consider giving us feedback
on what you like about it or don't like about it? It
would be most appreciated. Just open up an issue (click
on the Issues tab, above). We'll get the message. 
Thanks in advance! :)

An introduction to Tetrad can be found here:

The programmer's website is here:

Javadocs are here:

Downloads directory is here:

The wiki is here:

The issue tracker is here:

This is a Maven port of an existing Ant-based project
that's been under development for many years in the
Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University.
The port was made on 10/27/2015.

For instructions on how to set this project up in 
IntelliJ IDEA, see the Wiki. Alternatively, you can 
run the lifecycle package target and launch the ejar 
that is  built in the target directory, using the call

java -jar *-launch.jar

The project contains fairly well-developed code in these 


The  tetrad package contains the "model" code; the 
tetradapp package contains the "view" (GUI) code. The 
model code is packaged as the lib-tetrad submodule; the 
view code is packaged as  the tetrad submodule; these 
can be downloaded separately n the above downloads directory.

Contributions are welcome; we will handle these via the
issue tracker and the GitHub pull-request procedure. As 
usual, please fork the repository if you'd like to work on 
it. Comments are also welcome.

We will try to straighten out our websites soon. Sorry.

Still in the process of cleaning up the code for general use,
sorry. Some files may be removed in the process.

IntelliJ IDEA files were removed from the repository; if
these got removed in your fork, just set up the IntelliJ
project again (without cloning it again, that is). See

Don't be too impressed with the high version number. Tetrad
has gone through many phases, in more than one programming
language. The Java versions are 4 and 5 (the current).