Graphical analysis of PDF structure.
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Nabu is a tool (work in progress) for parsing, constructing, and comparing the structural graphs of a large collection of PDF documents. The comparisons are based on the work of NetSimile.

This tool grew from PDFrankenstein, and now includes javascript in the pdf database. To view the JS after building your database:

sqlite3 -cmd "select js from pdfs" db/nabu-graphdb.sqlite


  • networkx
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • psycopg2 (PostGres python module, also requires Postgres)


The workflow with Nabu will typically be:

  1. Build a graph database from a collection of PDFs
  2. Score the graphs for similarity
  3. Draw dendogram clusters (TODO)

Building the Database

Build the graph database by parsing the specified PDFs. PDFs are given with full paths in a line separated file. python [options] build <file input>

Scoring the Database

Requires a list of files to score. If the files are not present in the graph database then they will be added. Nabu will output (in CSV format): subject, family, candidate, score

python [options] score <file input>

Drawing Clusters

Runs from the graph database. Uses scipy and matplotlib to draw the dendrogram of the set of PDFs based on the similarity score. Currently uses Canberra distance metric.

python [options] cluster


positional arguments:
    action                build | score | cluster (under construction)
    fin                   line separated text file of samples to run
optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    -b, --beginning       Start from beginning. Don't resume job file based on completed
    -c CHUNK, --chunk CHUNK
                        Chunk size in jobs. Default is num_procs * 1
    -d, --debug           Spam the terminal with debug output
    -g GRAPHDB, --graphdb GRAPHDB
                        Graph database filename. Default is nabu-
    -j JOBDB, --jobdb JOBDB
                        Job database filename. Default is nabu-jobs.sqlite
    --xmldb XMLDB         xml database filename. Default is nabu-xml.sqlite
    --dbdir DBDIR         Database directory. Default is .../nabu/db/
    --logdir LOGDIR       Logging directory. Default is .../nabu/logs/
    --parser PARSER       Type of pdf parser to use. Default is pdfminer
    -p PROCS, --procs PROCS
                        Number of parallel processes. Default is 2/3 cpu core
    -t THRESH, --thresh THRESH
                        Threshold which reports only graphs with similarities
                        at or below this value.
    -u, --update          Ignore completed jobs