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Kanye, do you like it?

A comparison app of a user's lyrical work and Kanye West's.

Ever wondered if you and Kanye gravitated towards the same words in your work? Well, now you can check. Based on a sample piece of writing you input, the app breaks down your work and compares each word with how many times Kanye has used that word in his lyrics. Thus, you are given a response of approval or a simple "nope" depending on how well you score. As we all know, he is a bit self-centered, so most of the disapproving responses tend to be less about your lyrics and more about him and his views about life.

Check it out

User Stories

  • A user should be able to input their name and lyric they'd like to check with Kanye
  • A user should be able to see Kanye's response based on the words typed
  • A user should be able to keep editing their input and checking approval
  • If approved to the best of the user's satisfaction, a user should be able to save that lyric to the master feed of lyrics
  • A user should be able to delete any lyrics they don't like, even if they are not their own

Technologies Used

  • Ruby on Rails: back-end server
  • Javascript/jQuery: front-end event handlers
  • Postgres SQL: Database for saved lyrics
  • Kanye REST Counter API

Special thanks

  • This fiddle for parsing punctuation out of text
  • Giphy for the amazing Kanye West gifs
  • Brainy Quote for some amazing Kanye West quotes


an app to check kanye's approval of specified words



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