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Farmer's Market Finder

A mobile app for Farmer's Markets in New York and their shoppers. My hope with this app is to encourage people to buy locally.

When opened, the app uses geolocation to show the user's nearby Farmer's markets, it also has a search form to search by zip code. As a farmer, you can add your Farm to the Farmer's Market you have a booth at and make posts about any specials you're excited about. When a user clicks on a market, all relevant info about that market shows, including the location, contact info, and hours; as well as any recent posts made by the farmers who show at the market.

User stories

  • A guest should be able to view their nearby Farmer's Markets and any posts made to it
  • A farmer should be able to add their Farm to the Farmer's Market page
  • A farmer should be able to post updates


  • NodeJS: back-end server with models for api data and user data
  • React Native: front-end user interface
  • API: Farmers Markets in NYC
  • API: Google Maps API - converts lat and long to zip code for easier communication to Farmer's Market API
  • PSQL:
    • Farmer table stores Farmer's name/contact info
    • Farmer Posts stores Farmer's posts and market info
    • Saved Markets stores the market info and farmer_id who saved it


Three different Experiences: guest, user (future goal), and farmer


Future Goals

  • A user (shopper) should be able to create accounts and save certain Markets they like
  • A user should be able to star Farms they like at a Market
  • A user should be able to see a feed of the most recent updates to their favorite markets and farms, when they open the app
  • There should be a map view
  • API data should compare with the current time and sort by season, ideally operation hours

Special Thanks


An app for those looking for a nearby Farmer's market and for Farmers to send out any special deal info to subscribed users



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