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The following people have helped maked ibrowse better by reporting bugs,
supplying patches and also asking for new features. Please write to me if you
have contributed and I've missed you out.
In alphabetical order:
Adam Kocoloski
Andrew Tunnell-Jones
Anthony Molinaro
Benjamin P Lee (
Benoit Chesneau (
Brian Richards (
Chris Newcombe
Dan Kelley
Dan Schwabe (
Derek Upham
Eric Merritt
Erik Reitsma
Filipe David Manana
Geoff Cant
Jeroen Koops
Jo?o Lopes
Joseph Wayne Norton
Karol Skocik
Konstantin Nikiforov
Kostis Sagonas
Marcelo Gornstein (
Matthew Reilly
Michael Terry
Oscar Hellstr?m
Paul J. Davis
Peter Kristensen
Ram Krishnan
Richard Cameron
Robert Newson (
Ryan Flynn
Ryan Zezeski
Sean Hinde
Serge Polkovnikov (
Sergey Samokhi
Seth Falcon
Steve Vinoski
Thomas Lindgren
Youn?s Hafri
Yury Gargay (
fholzhauser (
hyperthunk (
Mistagrooves (
tholschuh (
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