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ChiliProject Backlogs Plugin

This Plugin adds features, that enable agile teams to work efficiently with ChiliProject in Scrum projects.

It is largely based on Redmine Backlogs. Development was separated from Redmine Backlogs in March 2011. At this time Redmine Backlogs v0.3.2 was current. ChiliProject Backlogs is more than just a port from Redmine to ChiliProject.


This plugin depends on the ChiliProject NIssue Plugin. Make sure, to have a current version of that Plugin installed into your ChiliProject.

This plugin requires some additional RubyGems. After you have extracted the plugin into `vendor/plugins`, make sure to run `bundle install` to install these additional dependencies.

This plugin aims to be compatible with

  • ChiliProject 1.x

  • ChiliProject 2.1 and later

If you are running into compatibility issues, please report a bug in the project's issue tracker.

Note: ChiliProject Backlogs currently needs a core patch, to run on ChiliProject version 2.1 and later. You may find the relevant changes at

Add them to your ChiliProject with

curl | git am

if you are running from a git repository or

curl | patch -p1

if you are using a tarball installation.

We have submitted a pull request to ChiliProject and we hope, it will be part of the next ChiliProject releases. You may track the progress by watching #708 in ChiliProject.

Supported Databases

Backlogs should run on PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. SQLite is not tested. It is likely to break.


Please follow the default plugin installation instructions for ChiliProject.

If you did not do it already, run the plugin's migrations.

rake db:migrate:plugin NAME=chiliproject_backlogs RAILS_ENV=production


Run the down-migrations to clean up your database.

rake db:migrate:plugin VERSION=0 NAME=chiliproject_backlogs RAILS_ENV=production

Afterwards simply remove the plugin's directory from your vendor/plugins directory.


To run the tests, you will need a current version of our ChiliProject Dev Tools and ChiliProject Cucumber. After running

bundle install

You should be able to execute the tests with

rake redmine:rspec:backlogs
rake redmine:cucumber:backlogs RAILS_ENV=test

If these instructions are insufficient, please open a ticket in the GitHub issue tracker with information, where you are stuck.


We thank the original maintainers and developers of Redmine Backlogs for their immense work on this plugin. ChiliProject Backlogs would not have been possible without their original contribution.

Additionally, we would like to thank

  • Deutsche Telekom AG ( for project sponsorhip

  • Birthe Russmeyer and Niels Lindenthal of finnlabs for their consulting and project management


© 2010-2011 - Emiliano Heyns, Mark Maglana, friflaj © 2011 - Jens Ulferts, Gregor Schmidt - Finn GmbH

This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.