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Installs the Name Server Daemon and does basic configuration including the copying of BIND compatible zone files.


Use recipe[nsd3::default] to get NSD installed (from packages) and configured from information found in node['nsd3']. Use recipe[nsd3::logrotate] to get logrotate configuration for NSDs logfile.


It should work on all OSes that provide a nsd3 (tested against NSD 3.2.5) package which currently are Debian and all derivates like Mint, Ubuntu, etc.



Configures NSD, rebuilds zone files and starts the service from the options found in node["nsd3"]. There are three major sections: node["nsd3"]["server"] for the server options, node["nsd3"]["zones"] including a hash of zone configuration entries and node["nsd3"]["keys"] with a hash of entries containing key material. To specify the cookbook name where the zone files are load from use node["nsd3"]["file_cookbook"].

For the server options you can specify any key listed on the man page and will be used verbatim in the configuration file. Each option value can be of several types:

  • true, false: Use for boolean values, they result in yes and no.
  • Integer: Direct mapping of integers.
  • String: The string is pasted into the file without modification. So escaping like "/my/path with spaces/conf" is possible.
  • '': Special case of the String type. Designed to ignore any presetted values and let NSD choose it's own default value.

For the zones one will specify a hash containing zone_name => zone_config mappings where the zone_name directly goes as name for NSD and the zone_config hash is subject to the same rules as the server options. It has to contain at least the zonefile option as it's required by NSD and will be used to create the zone file from a likely named cookbook file (only if the special option no_copy is not set). For other options see the man page.

Each key is representad as an entry key_name => key_config in the keys hash where the same rules apply as for zones.


Adds a NSD3 specific logrotate configuration when logrotate cookbook is found. No attributes needed.


chef-nsd3 is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for more information.


Installs the Name Server Daemon and does basic configuration including the copying of BIND compatible zone files.




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