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enhancements to markdown syntax #6

mattdm opened this Issue Feb 28, 2014 · 6 comments


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mattdm commented Feb 28, 2014

I know it's a joke, but still. :)

A number of ideas here:

  1. Bold + italics doesn't quite work. IF I do this, the last * is unbolded. (Um, I escaped that avoid Github's own markdown parsing -- I mean three *s in a row)
  2. Bold or colorize headers -- either lines immediately followed by a line with --- or === (any number), or lines that begin with #.
  3. But three or more -, *, or _ on a line which isn't a headline should be a horizontal rule. I think this might be nicely represented by inverse-color for the whole line.
  4. Color quoted text (lines start with >). Yellow, maybe.
  5. Properly color automatic links like http://example.org/ (maybe just all http:// occurrences, with or without angle brackets?)

cmur2 commented Mar 1, 2014

That's not funny ... but I will consider it :)

Can you provide a sample file that features everything (nicely separated) that you mentioned because I'm not soo familiar with Markdown?

mattdm commented Mar 1, 2014

Thanks! See http://mattdm.org/random-data/markdown-sample.md -- which is rendered inline below.

italics bold _bold + italics_

italics bold _bold + italics_

italics + bold italics + bold

bold + italics bold + italics

Top-Level Header

Secondary Header

This is a secondary header too

Another Top-Level Header

Secondary Header

Third-level Header

Fourth-level Header

Fifth-level Header
Sixth-level Header

In some implementations, trailing hashes are allowed (and not rendered)

These are horizontal rules:


Although the underscore one does not work on GitHub. And note that one can use an arbitrary amount:

A gotcha is that this line is a header, because it's followed by dashes.

This line is followed by a horizontal rule, though.

This is a block quote. Blah blah blah blah blah.
more blah blah blah blah blah

Oh! Lines which start with four spaces are code blocks, and should be monospaced.
That doesn't matter in Joe, obviously, but using color here seems appropriate. 
(How about green?)

And finally, here are five different ways links can be constructed. Different variants of markdown might not handle bare links or just the brackets, but the others work everywhere.

The more complicated syntax also allows an optional title. Either:
Link text
or Link text

And these are the definitions for the reference links. The whole line should probably be colored

mattdm commented Mar 1, 2014

I actually think this will be practically useful, and not just silly, because without any way to wysiwyg preview in Joe, this at least gives a little bit of the feel of it.


cmur2 commented Mar 1, 2014

What a complete example, thank you - I'll try to do my best...

mattdm commented Mar 1, 2014

Awesome -- thanks! On another note, have you tried at all to get all of these enhancements upstream?


iarna commented Nov 30, 2014

http://commonmark.org/ is also a good resource.

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