Ansible playbooks to set up devstack with as a federated identity provider
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Federated Devstack

Ansible playbooks to set up a minimal devstack with as the SAML2 identity provider or Google as the OpenID Connect identity provider.

To use shibboleth as the SAML2 SP implementation, run:

./ shibboleth

To use mod_auth_mellon as the SAML2 SP implementation, run:

./ mellon

To use OpenID Connect, get your Client ID and Client Secret from the Google API Console, and set them as environment variables:

export GOOGLE_OPENIDC_CLIENT_ID=<Google Client ID>
export GOOGLE_OPENIDC_CLIENT_SECRET=<Google Client Secret>
./ oidc

You must also add these redirect URIs to the project in the Google API console:

This script expects to be run on an Ubuntu Trusty or Xenial VM with certain dependencies already installed. You can build such a VM with diskimage-builder using the command:

disk-image-create -u pip-and-virtualenv devuser dhcp-all-interfaces vm cloud-init-nocloud -p python,git,libssl-dev --image-size 30 -o ubuntu.qcow2

You must also ensure the instance where your devstack is running is accessible from your browser by the domain name "".