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@title CMUS-REMOTE 1 05/11/2006 cmus
@h1 NAME
cmus-remote - control cmus
cmus-remote [*OPTION*]... [`FILE`|`DIR`|`PLAYLIST`]...@br
cmus-remote *-C* `COMMAND`...@br
Add `FILE/DIR/PLAYLIST` to playlist, library (*-l*) or play queue (*-q*).
If no arguments are given cmus-remote reads raw commands from stdin (one
command per line). Raw commands are cmus' command mode commands. These same
commands are used in configuration files and key bindings. *cmus*(1) contains
full list of commands. For consistency also searching is supported:
*-C /text*.
If *-C* is given, all command line arguments are treated as raw commands.
--server SOCKET
Connect using socket *SOCKET* instead of `$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/cmus-socket`.
Display usage information and exit.
Display version information and exit.
-p, --play
Start playing.
-u, --pause
Toggle pause.
-U, --pause-playback
Pause if currently playing.
-s, --stop
Stop playing.
-n, --next
Skip forward in playlist.
-r, --prev
Skip backward in playlist.
-R, --repeat
Toggle repeat.
-S, --shuffle
Toggle shuffle.
-v, --volume VOL
Change volume. See *vol* command in *cmus*(1).
-k, --seek SEEK
Seek. See *seek* command in *cmus*(1).
Get player status information. Same as *-C status*. Note that
*status* is a special command only available to cmus-remote.
-l, --library
Modify library instead of playlist.
-P, --playlist
Modify playlist (default).
-q, --queue
Modify play queue instead of playlist.
-c, --clear
Clear playlist, library (*-l*) or play queue (*-q*).
-C, --raw
Treat arguments (instead of stdin) as raw commands.
Special commands only available to cmus-remote.
Print information about currently playing track.
Print arguments as `Format Strings`. Each argument starts a new line.
Add playlists/files/directories/URLs to library view (1 & 2):
$ cmus-remote -l music.m3u \\
Load (clear and add) playlist to playlist view (3):
$ cmus-remote -c music.m3u
Three different ways to toggle repeat:
$ cmus-remote -R
$ cmus-remote -C "toggle repeat"
$ cmus-remote
toggle repeat
Query settings or key bindings:
$ cmus-remote -C "set repeat?"
setting: 'repeat=false'
$ cmus-remote -C "showbind common a"
bind common a win-add-l
Dump the playlist to stdout:
$ cmus-remote -C "save -p -"
Search works too:
$ cmus-remote -C /beatles
Written by Timo Hirvonen <tihirvon\>
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