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This wiki is a place for all extensions / useful scripts / hints related to the C* Music Player. Everyone is welcome to add useful information!

Extensions / useful scripts

  • Status display programs: Programs that display the current song or use this information to do other useful stuff.
  • Bindable scripts: Programs that are meant to be executed from within cmus and optionally bound to a key.
  • Remote control frontends: Frontends for remote controlling cmus.
  • Themes: Color themes for cmus
  • Detachable cmus: Detach cmus in the background (aka “daemon” mode)
  • lyvi: A lyrics-viewer that connects to cmus and many other players (using libglyr)
  • cmus-sync: Synchronize a mobile device with the cmus playlist.
  • cmus-mediakeys: Control cmus playback using global mediakeys.
  • cmus-bundler: A plugins and themes bundler for cmus.
  • cmus-youtube: A patch that allows you to download and play youtube songs.
  • spotify-dl: allows you to download spotify songs. You can play them using cmus.
  • cmus-osx: controls cmus playback using media keys and integrates OS X notification center into cmus.

Patches to the cmus source code which are not applied are collected here: Third party patches.