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Release Note for version 0.4.0

  • This is the first public release of cloudlet-discovery project.
  • it is currentlyunder rapid development, so this release includes only stable and essential
    parts of the cloudlet-discovery code.
  • We also checked the code compatibility with our OpenStack-cloudlet extension
  • Discovery code is compose of three parts.
    1. Cloudlet-side library for registration and query
    2. Client library for discovery
    3. Cloud-side discovery server
 elijah-discovery (since v2.0, under developmenet)
     ├─ 1. Library for registration and Cloudlet query  
     │    ├─ Resource monitor
     │    ├─ Registration daemon
     │    └─ Cache monitor
     ├─ 2. Client library for discovery
     └─ 3. Cloud-based discovery server (sources for
          ├─ Registration REST Server
          ├─ Registration web site
          └─ Custom DNS Server
  • This tree shows overall components of the cloudlet-discovery, and modules without bold emphasis is not included in this release.
  • For detail installation guide, please take a look at README file.