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Gabriel Android Library

Android library for communicating with a Gabriel Server.


Add the lines implementation 'edu.cmu.cs.gabriel:client:0.1.7' and implementation 'edu.cmu.cs.gabriel:protocol:0.1.4' to your app's build.gradle file. Your project must include either the jcenter() or mavenCentral() repository.

Your app must allow cleartext traffic. If your app does not have an Android Network Security Config, you must sepcify android:usesCleartextTraffic="true" in the application element of your Manifest file. If your app has an Android Network Security Config, you must allow cleartext traffic using this config. See here for more details.

Create a edu.cmu.cs.gabriel.client.comm.ServerComm instance. Send messages to the server using either the sendNoWait, sendBlocking, or sendSupplier methods. See here for an example.

Publishing Changes to Maven Central

  1. Update the VERSION_NAME parameter in You can add -SNAPSHOT to the end of the version number to get a snapshot published instead.
  2. Open the Gradle tab in the top right of Android studio.
  3. Open gabriel-android-common/client/Tasks/upload.
  4. Run uploadArchives
  5. Snapshots will be published to
  6. Relases should show up at
    1. Publish a release by first clicking the Close button. Then click the Release button when it becomes available.
    2. Releases will be published to
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