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This is a small programm to display some information you need to be notified about. It also monitors you volume and shows it. You can use DBus or a TCP connection to show text or a progress bar.


You need the following packages to be installed.


Just do a "qmake && make" and copy the binary "qtosd" somewhere to your path.

Configuration & usage

There are some parameters you can use:

-b, --background FILE      Set FILE as background image
-p, --port PORT            Use PORT as TCP port for incoming connections
-t, --timeout TIME         Show OSD for TIME seconds
-d, --device DEVICE        Use this device instead of default
-n, --no-daemon            Don't start in daemon mode
-w, --width                Width of OSD
-h, --height               Height of OSD
-s, --screen SCREEN        Show OSD on SCREEN
-sb, --space-bottom HEIGHT Free space below OSD
-sl, --space-left HEIGHT   Free space left of OSD
-f, --fade                 Fade in/out OSD
-m, --move                 Move in/out OSD

The text you send can also have a special format:

some text
  -> shows just "some text"

1/some text
  -> shows only one line of text (usefull for toggling options)

10/100%some text
  -> shows a progress bar and use 10 as value, 100 as max and "some text".

  -> displays file.jpg on the left side and text

  -> displays image, progressbar and text

Have also a look at the examples.


For the background you have to use a SVG file. Just create it with a size ratio of 800:150 (pixels). For other values you have to set width and height. To use translucency you need a compositing window manager or you have to use xcompmgr.

Have fun ;)