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Version 1.3.1 is mostly a maintenance release with enhancements to the Layer Control Widget and a few minor fixes.


  1. LayerControl Widget
  • Introduce base class for all layer controls.
  • Clean up and better internal workings.
  • Controls self aware of layer visibility change and auto-update.
  1. Identify Widget
    • The layerID of a feature layer is now used when retrieving a predefined InfoTemplate.
  2. Help Widget
    • The contents of the help dialog is now properly displayed when openOnStartup is used.
  3. Basemap Widget
    • Add missing dijit/form/DropDownButton module.
    • Added missing "font-family: FontAwesome;"
  4. All Widgets
    • Loading Font-Awesome stylesheet in the page header to avoid missing icons in some mobile browsers.
    • Fixes for compatibility with Internet Explorer 8.
  5. Sidebar Collapse icons
    • changed css to correct positioning in some mobile browsers.
    • Added missing "font-family: FontAwesome;"


  1. Layer Control Widget
    • Add menu items for dynamic layer to turn all sublayers on/off.
    • Add menu icon and remove menu link.
    • Add Metadata link menu item option.
    • Add showAllLayers() and hideAllLayers() methods to LayerControl class. For devs to toggle all layers on/off. No widget UI.
  2. version 3.11 of the ESRI JavaScript API is now the default version.
  3. dbootstrap is now a pure css theme and updated to the latest Font Awesome version 4.2. no more dojo package. no more loading font files. More themes to come...


  1. The TOC widget has been completely removed, including the tocLayerInfos array in controller.

Demo site


Download options

  1. If you are want to deploy a CMV application to production and simply want to configure the viewer with your own layers and select from included widgets, use the viewer.zip download as it is built and ready to go.
  2. If you are a developer and want to create your own widgets, download a source package.