@tmcgee tmcgee released this Dec 4, 2014 · 518 commits to master since this release

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  1. Print Widget

    • When using an async print service, the UI is updated appropriately on job failure.
  2. LayerControl Widget

    • dynamic layer control self aware of changes to visible layers and updates UI accordingly.
    • fixed bug that removed dynamic layer control expand/collapse icon when noLegend: true.
  3. Header/Subheader

    *switched to using innerHTML instead of innerText to support Firefox browsers.

  4. dbootstrap Theme

    • fixed issue with sidebar splitter and Internet Explorer 10.

New Features

  1. LayerControl Widget
    • Added CSV, GeoRSS, WMS and KML layers.


  1. All widgets support internationalization and have been localized for US-EN.
  2. LayerControl Widget
    • All expand/collapse nodes wipe in and out.
  3. Draw Widget
    • Now uses a custom font for draw button icons. Layout of draw buttons also improved. An advanced draw widget with options for updating symbols, editing existing graphics and other functions coming soon.
  4. Identify Widget
    • add support for existing layerDefinitions with IdentifyTask.
    • Added a new optional property to allow the info window to be draggable over the map.
  5. Find Widget
    • add support for existing layerDefinitions with FindTask.
    • Button now use FontAwesome icons.
  6. Print Widget
    • Button now use FontAwesome icons.

Demo site


Download options

  1. If you are not a developer, and simply want to configure the viewer with you own layers use the viewer.zip download as it is built and ready to go.
  2. If you are a developer and want to create your own widgets, download a source package.