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Here's a quick little release while we prepare some bigger and grander enhancements to CMV...


  1. Growler Widget
    • html tags displayed in locate button growler messages.
      Growler messages no longer display html tags - message is now properly displayed as html formatted text. (Issue #341)
  2. Directions Widget
    • 3.12 added a new map click feature which does not work with CMV. Deactivated this default feature and hid the button in the Dom until Esri updates the API.

New Features

  1. New Documentation
    • Use the documentation for getting started and guidance on configuring your application. Looks and works great on your phone, tablet or computer. The initial documentation is sparse. Please help make it better by contributing over at the cmv documentation repo.


  1. JavaScript API Enhancements
    • Version 3.12 of the ESRI JavaScript API is now the default version. Read about What's New in version 3.12


  1. Find Widget
    • use .dgrid-row:click events to zoom to clicked find result item. The map will now zoom to the clicked find result row regardless of whether the clicked row is the selected row or not.
  2. Sidebar widgets
    • Added support for undocking and moving the floating widgets using the entire titlebar which should be more intuitive.
    • Keep track of floating widget's position in sidebar when undocked so it will be re-docked in the same position.

Demo site


Download options

  1. If you are not a developer, and simply want to configure the viewer with you own layers use the viewer.zip download as it is built and ready to go.
  2. If you are a developer and want to create your own widgets, download a source package.