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@green3g green3g released this 07 Jul 20:17

Beta 2 includes many bug fixes and several enhancements to CMV Beta 1!


  • Lazy Loaded Widgets - Widgets in title and floating panes are no longer loaded until they are opened by the user #730
  • Mobile Sidebar - A mobile friendly sidebar based on @DavidSpriggs dojo-sidebar project included by default #726. In addition many mobile enhancements have been made to cmv widgets including Basemaps #725,
  • Custom group layers - The layerControl widget now supports grouping layers into custom, configurable groups #712
  • Graphics layers can now be included in the operationalLayers array and supported the layerControl Widget #723
  • OpenStreetMap layers added to the layerControl widget #723

Bug Fixes

  • Identify not working on dynamic layers with id 0 #706, #675


  • ESRI JavaScript API Updated to 3.21 #729