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长毛象中文站免翻墙镜像 / Unblock CMX in China 是一个运行Mastodon的Fediverse实例,Mastodon是一个开源软件,允许用户运行自我托管的社交网络服务。本页是为无法直接访问CMX.im且没有VPN的中国用户准备的镜像列表。

备用地址可能随时被墙,VPN翻墙是相比镜像站更稳健的登岛方式。 is a Fediverse instance that runs Mastodon, an open-source software that allows users to run self-hosted social networking services. This page is a list of mirrors prepared for China-based users who are unable to access directly and don't have a VPN.

Mirrors may be blocked by China at any time, VPN is a more robust way to board the site compared to mirror sites.

可用镜像 / Active Mirrors

The active mirror addresses are no longer publicly posted here, it is only visible in the site announcements after login. Please use a VPN if you are unable to access the site.

使用说明 / Usage


The best way for Chinese users to access this site is still to use a VPN or proxy service, if you do not wish to use them, please use the mirror provided by this page to access this site. The mirror is only an alternate domain name used to log in to our site, if you already have an account at Mastodon Chinese, please log in directly with your original account, no need to register an account at the mirror. In the mobile app, you can use the mirror domain name as an instance domain name for login.

联系管理员 / Contact the Admin


If any of the above mirrors are blocked in China (test with this tool), please kindly DM the admin @strawberry who might have no idea what's going on. Happy tooting!

已弃用镜像 / Deprecated Mirrors

URL Provider 被墙 Microsoft AS8075 被墙 Cloudflare AS13335 CN2-GIA Cloudflare 被墙 CN2-GIA 被墙 Cloudflare AS13335


长毛象中文站免翻墙镜像 - Unblock CMX






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