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cmyth roku
This repository contains both the client application that runs on your
Roku device, as well as the server the client talks to. The server acts
as a bridge between the Roku client and your MythTV backend.
In order to install the client on your device, you will do the following:
$ make
$ ROKU_DEV_TARGET=<target> make install
Where <target> is the hostname or IP address of your Roku device.
In order to run the daemon, you have to provide the hostname or IP address
of your MythTV backend:
$ --server <backend>
The daemon is implemented in Python, and requires the cmyth Python
module to be installed. You can get the cmyth code which contains the Python
language bindings here:
To debug the Brightscript client code, you can telnet to the Roku device at
port 8085. This will allow you to see all the print messages.